ELD Fleet Management Suite

Certified Real-Time ELD with patented security features, dedicated dispatch, maintenance, location tracking and fleet management modules.

Safety First.

In an age where over 660.000 drivers use their cell phones while driving in the USA, an activity that takes over 3000 lives yearly, our Patent-Pending Phone Locking Security Feature, an industry first, disables drivers cell phones while driving, reducing the number of potential accidents!

One device - endless

By observing the landscape of current offerings in the industry we’ve discovered a fundamental design flaw - while leveraging drivers cell phones as ELD clients, current offerings are promoting the use of those devices while driving and therefore substantially increasing the risks of unwanted events to happen. By continuously collecting feedback from driver cabin behaviour our approach of having one central terminal with all of the functions they need and love addresses those flaws!

United we stand!

The cold hard truth: accidents happen all the time and a core  concept to grasp is that  they don't just affect the driver alone, but that they are an issue for the company and surroundings as a whole. Our solution offers on demand notification to the dispatchers and other drivers in the vicinity.

Autonomous updates

Polling drivers and coordinating ETA’s on terminals is hard by itself, even when everything goes as planned. That only gets more challenging once delays come into play. We believe that taking away as much of that work as possible is critical, so we did precisely that - by leveraging sensor fusion of our IoT devices the product lets you know when a truck enters or leaves a terminal - in real time.

New trip available
- interested?

Communication overhead is a real thing. With the possibility to broadcast an offer to a select group of drivers we have revolutionized the way dispatchers offer new trips to their respective pool of drivers.

Interested enough?

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